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Walk in baths from Integrity Tubs expertly combine the highest quality safety features with luxury options for a relaxing bath that is especially great for those with limited mobility. Walk-in tubs are available in a wide array of door and installation configurations. Many of these tubs are available with hydrotherapy options to add either a whirlpool or air bath feature, creating a functional and safe tub with massaging water jets or air bubbles for a spa-like experience.

Accessible baths help to make bathing easier and safer for people of all ages. Explore our diverse selection of accessible tubs including walk-in baths featuring spa-like options with an easy to open door and ADA complaint soaking tubs.

    Walk In Tubs For Seniors

    Walk-in bathtubs are bathtubs that have doors on them.  They have doors that open up so the user doesn’t have to step over the leading edge of a traditional bathtub.  Walk-in bathtubs can be much safer alternatives for elderly and/or disabled individuals and can minimize the risk involved (in falling, etc.) for the less mobile among us.


    Tubs can range from 26 inches wide to 35 inches wide. They also come as short as 35 inches and as long as 60 inches. Specialty manufactures even provide taller walk-in tubs up to 47 inches tall, compared to more standard models that are usually 38-40 inches high.